Strategic Advising Strategy vs Tactics

Strategy is the “what,” while tactics refers to the “how.”

Many consulting agencies will focus on the how, which is often a current buzzword or trend that may or may not be relevant for your business target outcomes and goals.

Let me ask you a question?

Would you go to a doctor that prescribed to you the medicine he is most familiar with, makes the most money on and requires the least effort for him to prescribe?

You probably answered NO!

However this is what a majority of consulting / marketing companies are doing.

We do not sell cookie cutter services.

We blueprint and sell strategic systems that create desired outcomes formed through intensive strategic blueprinting sessions with qualified clients. 

We Believe in a Tactical Focus on 3 Key Pillars

Leadership, Strategy, and Marketing. Always in this order.


  • check
    Systems & Process Mapping
  • check
    Operations Manuals
  • check
    Mentorship & Training
  • check


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    Strategic Blueprint Roadmaps
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    Digital Marketing Strategy
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    Brand Development
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    Execution & Implementation Plans


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    Customer Acquisition Systems
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    Funnel Creation & Automation
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    Facebook Advertising
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    Digital Asset Creation

As strategic adviser’s our primary goal is to help companies plan specific strategies to fix problems or create opportunities. We always take the time to Identify where you are currently and craft a detailed strategic blueprint leading where you want to go.

Strategic Blueprint Roadmap

The blueprint plan includes deploying tactics to accomplish desired outcomes, but our main goal is to make sure your company starts out on the right path, identifies the challenges and pursues attainable opportunities. 

Our Strategic blueprint roadmap can be executed and implemented by us or your company can take this blueprint into self implementation or outsource to another firm.

The first step to working with us is requesting a free Strategy Session.

We Must be Upfront,

We only have time to work with a select few. Our clients range from the mid 6-figure to multi-million dollar businesses. If we are mutually a good fit then it is our firm belief that we can take your business to the next level. 

Product Delivery has not only been at the expectation, but above it. 

Manny Reyna, CEO

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