Crucible Strategic Advising

In business and in life there are factors that have disproportionate effects on results. In simple terms this means for less input you receive higher output.

Tactical Focus on 3 Key Pillars

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We are United States Marine Corps Veterans, who served together. Our unique experiences and skill sets have brought us back together in business so that we can serve together once again.

Albert Polanco | Founder

Albert Polanco is a #1 Best selling author, digital strategist and client acquisition specialist. Currently based in Houston, Texas, he is the Co-founder of Crucible Strategic. Both dedicated and equally as ambitious, Albert is on a mission to help fellow entrepreneurs succeed both professionally and personally through personal development, strategy & Systems.

Leadership. Strategy. Marketing

There is no question to us in our experience that these three factors contribute the highest returns of investment in time, energy, money and effort.

This is why we focus our strategy and help our clients to zero in on the highest impact activities they should be doing to grow their businesses.

While there is always something new and ground breaking on the horizon, the fundamentals rarely change.

The key to taking yourself and your business to the next level is almost always going to come down a very few select fundamental areas that you need some help with.


We believe that lifelong learning and a relentless obsession with personal improvement is vital to our lives as people and as a business that is focused on helping others to succeed.


We are honest, fair, and we maintain the highest levels of integrity.

We stand by our word and we will do what is right by you the client.


We posses the strength of character as individuals and as a company to do the right thing even when others are not looking.


We are fully committed to excellence. Not only in ourselves, but in providing the highest quality results for our clients.

**Very Limited Consulting Spots Available**

Our Mission: We help businesses and individuals to reach their next level goals through investing in the triangle of growth, leadership, strategy and marketing.

Our Vision: Our vision is to be known as a small nimble world class leader in strategic advising for high performance individuals and businesses.