Shoot for the stars, if you miss your target at least you may reach the moon.

We as human beings are capable of so much more then we ever imagined. Don't be scared to think, dream and act bigger than they said you could.

Albert Polanco serves as one of the spearheads of marketing strategy for Crucible Strategic, based in Houston, Texas. With a background in filmmaking and internet marketing training to numerous entrepreneurial pursuits, he has garnered over a decade of hands-on expertise and has helped numerous clients cultivate strategies that turn a mediocre company into a force to be reckoned with.

To date, Albert has owned a number of lucrative companies, including an Internet marketing agency and a video production company. In addition, he was a multiple-time marketing director in the automotive industry.

Currently, Albert serves as the Co-founder of Crucible Strategic along with his business partner Ryan Reed who served together with Albert in the United States Marine Corps. This year, he will be releasing two debut books.

No matter what venture he takes on, Albert strives to elevate people’s minds and awaken them to their limitless potential so they can shoot for the stars. Ultimately, he aims to make a positive impact by serving others and leaving a legacy for generations to come. He is laser focused in helping others who yearn for lasting abundance through proven tools and insight that yield the highest possible returns.

Outside of his career, Albert Polanco is an avid reader (he reads 100+ non-fiction books every year on average) and technology enthusiast. He also likes meditating, learning new things, and everything pertaining to outer space. Most importantly, Albert loves connecting and spending quality time with his loved ones.